How do I get involved?

MCRCV is a family friendly club that has a focus on off road motorcycle racing. A great first step would be to come along to one of our events and see what it's all about. You'll find lots of helpful volunteers and members to answer your questions. If you or your children are interested in racing you will need to get an appropriate motorcyle. Your local motorcyle shop and the club community should be able to recomendations in selecting the right bike and equiptment for off road racing and your skill level. Once you have a bike and equiptment you will need to get a racing licence and a membership.

How do I become a member?

All memberships must be processed via Motorcycling Australia's Ridernet. You first need to create a Profile (unless you already have one).  with Ridernet and register with MCRCV in their portal.

How do I get my race licence?

To participate in any official Motorcycling Victoria (MV) or Motorcycling Australia (MA) event including MCRCV events you need to be the holder of a current National Competition Licence. Click here for more info on How To Apply For A Competition Licence 

Do I need a registered bike?

No, as all our competition events are held on private property no registration is required. However if you want to attend a club trail ride or participate in Stockmans Rally a registered bike and a civil motorcycle license or learners permit is a must.

How do I enter a race?

The club lets its members know either via email or you can check the website for event dates. Once you are a member you can click on the "race entry" tab on the home page and complete the online entry.

Which class would I enter?

View MCRCV classes here. It's important to remember that with aged based classes your age is taken as of 1st January in the current year. 

I am a junior, do I need to do any training?

All juniors aged 15 and under (at January 1st in the current year) need to complete appropriate training to be able to apply for a MA licence. The MCRCV runs group courses for our junior members at the start of every year. Additionally the club can recomend a couch that can conduct the training at any other time of the year, contact the club for details.

When is the race season?

Our competition events usually run from February/March through to November.

How many events are there throughout the year?

We aim to run about 7 to 8 competition events throughout the year plus non competition trail rides and the Stockmans Rally.