As of 2024, Due to issues out of our control, all memberships must now be processed via Motorcycling Australia's Ridernet. You first need to create a Profile with Ridernet, (unless you already have one). 

Click to login to ridernet and renew or Register as a new member

Please choose the correct option that suits you - Individual or Family (Family if you have Juniors to enter). The club representative then needs to validate this, and once done, you will receive an email confirming validation. Below is a link for Ridernet:
If you already have a Ridernet profile login and add a MCRCV club membership. See here for details

Membership FAQ’s


I don’t want to renew my membership via Ridernet?
Unfortunately, we have no option.
Ridernet is mandated by Motorcycling Victoria and to obtain permits and insurance for our events
and protect our members we must use this system.

My child needs a senior membership because they are a senior racer.
Children over the age of 16 years on 1 January are senior racers, however for membership purposes
children under the age of 18, as of 1 January, are junior members.
They race as a senior, but their membership is a junior.
All junior memberships must be associated / linked to a senior membership belonging to a parent or legal guardian.
The senior membership can be either a social membership ($80) or a senior membership ($100).

I want a family membership.
Unfortunately, with the transition to Ridernet a family membership is unavailable.
There are only 4 options available –
• Junior membership – under 18 years (as of 1 January 2024) $35
• Senior membership – 18 and over (as of 1 January 2024) $100
• Social membership – non competition membership $80
• Life membership – this will be assigned to those that are eligible.

I don’t have a Ridernet profile, but my child does?
That’s OK.
You will need to go to and select “Not a member yet? Sign-up HERE” on the login
Follow the prompts until you get asked the question about membership. Search MCRCV, select
MCRCV and add. Then select and add your membership type e.g., social.
You will then be advised that your membership application has been successful.
There is no need to do anything further.
You will receive an email advice, within 24 hours, advising you how to pay your membership.
Memberships are paid via Ridernet.

Do I have to have a Ridernet profile even though I’m not racing just my child / children are?Yes, you do, as the child / children’s parent / legal guardian you need to have a profile.

My child / children are all over the age of 18, do I need a Ridernet profile, I don’t want to race?
No you don’t.
But if you would like to support the Club, we’d love you to take up a social membership and continue
to be part of the MCRCV family.

I’ve tried all the above and I’m still having issues?
That’s OK email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will be in touch to help you.