Stockman’s Rally – Frequently asked questions

Q: When is Stockmans?

A: 29th October 2023

Q: When Do entries open?

A: Entries are open now.

Q: How do I enter?

A: Enter on this page

Q: Who can enter Stockman's Rally?

A: The Stockman’s Rally is a non-competitive off road event that anyone holding a current motorcycle licence or learners permit can enter providing they have a road registered motorcycle (full registration, CPS or recreational registration)

Q: Do I need to be a member of MCRCV.

A: No you do not.

Q: How do I know my entry has been accepted?

A: A receipt will be emailed to you when you enter as your proof/confirmation of entry in this event. You must print this and bring it with you to the event. If you are unable to print this yourself, forward it onto a friend to print for you, without it you cannot sign in to start the event.

Q: When do entries close for Stockmans Rally?

A: Entries usually close around 10 days before the event. However as entry numbers are limited and due to the popularity of the event, they may close earlier. We recommend you enter early to avoid missing out.

Q: When will I receive final instructions and times etc. for the event?

A: In the week prior to the event final instructions will be emailed to the email address you list on your online entry, so it is important that you enter it correctly on the online entry. Final instructions will also be shown on this website during that time. Keep an eye on the website for any Stockmans Rally updates.

Q: Can I enter and ride with my friends?

A: You need to enter individually, not as a group. On the day riders are sent off in groups of approximately 10 so you can organise yourselves into a group at the start.

Q: What type of motorcycle is suitable?

A: Any off road motorcycle with road or recreational registration is fine as long as it is in sound mechanical condition. All bikes must be fitted with headlight and brake light.

All machines will be inspected prior to being allowed to start the event.

Bikes must have the number plate fitted, (not carried in pockets or bum bags). Any machine deemed by organisers to be excessively noisy will not be allowed to start the event. Be warned! – make sure your muffler is properly packed and that muffler baffles/inserts are in place. DELWP (park rangers) will be on hand and may conduct noise testing at their discretion. It’s recommended that tyres are in excellent condition and not too worn for maximum traction and enjoyment. It is a good idea to carry a snack for when you are on the trail, enough water to drink, and basic spares like spare levers, puncture repair kit etc.

Q: Where is the Stockman’s Rally held?

A: East of Melbourne in the Big River State Forest. Closest town is Marysville.

Q: Is camping at the event allowed?

A: Yes, there is camping available in designated areas within the Big River State Forest. However the Big River Camp itself will not be available for camping as it will be closed off until the Sunday morning. Remember to take away all rubbish with you when camping, if you bring it in, please take it out.

There will be a canteen operating on site all day Sunday.

Get onboard and see what everyone is raving about.